Nov 01 2016

Today was a short hop from Kyoto to Nara, alot of people do this day trip from Osaka or Kyoto as is so close but we thought it best to head out of Kyoto and spend the night.

Needing some brekky we stopped at what has quickly become our fav local convenience circle k or sunkus in other cities. This is simply all because of one hard to come by product , what we like to describe as the chocolate tourte. It's usually sold out so now we have to look in every one we pass.


Nov 02 2016
JapanNara Station
JapanKyoto Station

Another reason most travelers do this as a day trip is probably because you have to head back to Kyoto to get to most other places . Although I do not regret saying at naramachi guesthouse ,it was a great experience and contrast to the slick new hostels we've been staying in

Another city, another swath of circle K's to hunt don't our fave snack .

After these success we continued to find an abundant supply in the shops around the station , the novelty of rareness has worn off. Sad times

The museum is absolute huge , and starts off with the history of weaving ,this is because toyota or toyoda started out life as a loom manufacturer and weaving company.I was completely unaware of this but the hundreds of weaving machines soon wore thin. Although the live demonstrations were interesting.
The automotive hall was much more exciting with explanations of exactly how the cars work and real life asemberly line domentrations

Western food was on the menu tonight we found a great little burger place called waves burger where they made their patties from Kobe beef.


Nov 03 2016
Kiso valley hiking day

Waking up to the same sound as you went to sleep is annoying especially when that sounds someone constantly clicking a coumputer mouse. The down side of a capsule dorm with all the mod cons. But we head to the foothills of the Japanese alps today , so off we trot.

Stumbled upon on of Johns fav topics of convosation ....teletext!

JapanTsumago Azuma
worldNagiso Station

The whole roughly 11 km took us about 3. 5 hours in then end including detours for lunch and up to the castle ruins.

Today was a day of many photo's


Nov 04 2016
'On the road (or should I say rails) again'

Today I tried first complicated travel days since being in Japan . Although the town of fuji is on the line from Nagoya to Tokyo our hostel is round the other side of the mountain in an area called fuji five lakes. so a series of trains are required to get there. 🗻

worldYokohama Station
worldHachioji Station
JapanOtsuki Station
JapanKawaguchiko Station

Then onto the local Yokohama line too Hachioji...

Unfortunately although it was a beautifully clear day everywhere else , mountain fuji was completely shrouded in cloud, you could just just make out there was a mountain there.


Nov 05 2016
We're here!!!

Thankfully the weather made a definitive decision on the day. I woke up like a kid at Christmas to find a window and see if Fuji was clear of cloud.


Nov 06 2016

Time to leave mount Fuji and it's another perfect day, sad times leaving the sleeping giant .But onwards and upwards to Hakone.

JapanKawaguchiko Station
JapanHachioji Station
JapanShin-Yokohama Station
JapanOdawara Station
JapanHakone-Yumoto Station


Nov 07 2016
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